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Uganda's tourism earnings have doubled in the last five years from $440m to $800m in 2011.
According to the director of the Uganda Tourism Board

The above announcement while positively excellent, fails to highlight the underlying reasons that despite its perfect setting and tourism diversity, Uganda tourism still falls low on the table of preferred African destinations which Kenya and South Africa dominate. Surprisingly, only just over 20% of visitors to Uganda are tourists. The key fact attributing to Uganda's low tourism figures is lack of promotion. Despite having some of the best attractions in Africa and the only opportunity to be so close to nature, it seems one of the best kept tourism secrets!
Attention to Uganda's tourism industry which is constrained both in financial and human resources is long overdue. Since Uganda's 2008 Tourism Act not much has changed, except another tax on tourism, which has not even been implemented yet. There is a dire need for re-investment into the tourism infrastructure, both at governmental and local beneficiary level.

Another attributing fact is the political infighting on the subject of tourism that has existed for far too long. There has been no clear workable direction for several years, leaving other African destinations to capitalise on the absence of Uganda in the tourism market place. While the UK still amounts for the largest influx of tourists to Uganda, other sources such as the far east have been largely ignored. Though many of the lodges or hotels are maybe below the standards of the new emerging wealthy far eastern tourists, their are some 5 star luxury places. Investment into the industry and updating of tourism stakeholders holdings are imperative if Uganda is to accomplish its rightful place at the top and attract the right tourists and investors. But unfortunately this will not happen unless a coordinated effort is made and the present tourism administration system in Uganda is either scrapped and re-built or major changes are made within the existing structure.

It is indeed regrettable that in 2012 which is Uganda's 50 year Jubilee period and the 2012 Trip Advisor award of Best place in Africa, that none of that has been capitalised upon. A massive tourism opportunity that has slipped away due to no clear direction or sustainable promotional infrastructure.

However, all that is about to change with large governmental initiatives planned to promote and brand tourism to Uganda over the coming years. Much has been talked about which may even see the scrapping of existing departments and emergence of a new official tourism department (UTA Ugandan Tourism Authority) that will have the benefit of input from outside consultancies and professionals working with existing management and staff.  There is however much work to be done and decisions to be made though providing the correct collaboration is exercised, then Uganda could emerge from the continent as the Pearl of Africa it truly is and take its rightful pace in the top of the African tourism charts. Uganda is possibly the safest place in Africa and the only place one can get so close to natures beauty, wonders and animals.

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Uganda Tourism Golden Jubilee Among the animals
By Peter Mandel - Washington Post Uganda among the animals

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