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An example Overview by Excluss on Promoting Ugandan Tourism.

The objective of a campaign is to not only embrace and support, but to go further and implement new concepts and ideas to place the destination in the very top of preferred destinations amongst British and other European travelers. We list below an example on how Uganda could be effectively promoted in the UK.

In the world of advertising 'the more eyes see the more the heart desires' is the most successful of all strategies. Uganda is simply 'not seen' enough as opposed to competing destinations such as South Africa and Kenya. There is a strong need to enlighten the public about Uganda with prominence given to the benefits of choosing Uganda 'The Pearl of Africa' as a destination. The proposed activities below could see Uganda gain unparalleled exposure over the next years throughout the UK and Europe, putting Uganda on the lips of millions and blanket branding the 'Pearl of Africa' trademark indelibly into the minds of the public, media and tour operators.

To achieve this a multi pronged aggressive promotional campaign is envisaged.
A few examples are given below;-

    • High impact graphical advertisements in leisure magazines and travel related sections of middle to upper class read papers and journals.
    • Representation at major travel exhibition events such as WTM, IFTM, ILTM etc.
    • Localised events and mini exhibitions in major cities across the UK, supported by the 'Pearl of Africa' road show coach.
    • Multi level radio and television promotion by way of talk shows, documentaries, competitions, travel programme's and like.
    • Enticing mini documentary adverts run across existing TV screens in waiting areas such as private doctors/dentists surgeries, estate agents, professional institutions and some government offices, Post Office's etc.
    • Full length feature documentary filmed and produced for geographic, nature and travel TV channels in UK and across Europe.
    • Vertical advertising directly at ornithology, nature and animal groups and their individual members. Over 1 million members of the RSPB and many other ornithology society/group members. Millions of members of animal groups, visitors to Kew Gardens (1.5 million in 2011) and other specialists interest groups.
    • Pro-actively engage travel journalists, travel experts, tour operators and media in general to promote Uganda.
    • In flight TV and magazine advertising on selected airlines and travel routes.
    • Direct mailing to selected members of AmEx and other vertical market selected member groups/databases.
    • Intense marketing at European Tour Operators is an important element to overall success in promoting Uganda to potential tourists.
    • Involvement of renowned celebrities, travel experts, travel journalists, travel agents and media on visits to Uganda.
    • Aggressive Internet Marketing. To include refining and promotion of existing tourism sites, creating new pages/sites and indexing with world search engines, creating social media channels and building interest on Facebook, YouTube and many other important social media centers. A consistent SEO promotion campaign is imperative with $billions being spent online by tourists.

    These would be some of the initiatives necessary to promote and brand tourism to Uganda over the coming years. Uganda seems poised to emerge from the continent as the Pearl of Africa it truly is and take its rightful pace in the top of the tourism charts.

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    Uganda Tourism Promoting Uganda Among the animals
    By Peter Mandel - Washington Post Uganda among the animals Promoting Uganda

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