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Music and Video Promotions and SEO London UK


Music and Video Promotions and SEO London UK

From Lisbon Portugal, Michel started off in London as a normal young man in a middle class family.

Michel in 2006, business minded was handed keys to run a family business in his teens. As a young restaurateur Michel was forced quickly to learn the ins and outs of business in a cut-throat environment with no rest for the wicked.

Michel soon realised that the restaurant game was not for him and began to apply the knowledge gained from one market to another to create something more fulfilling. As he entered into adulthood, he single handed put together a strategic campaign promoting his new innovative idea revolving around the drinks industry. "The Lock Inn" was Michel's first baby, starting from scratch with a thousand flyers and an old school Mercedes "The Lock Inn" is a late night food and high class drinks delivery service which became an overnight success validating Michel as a true entrepreneur amongst his family, friends, and colleagues, as well gaining him much respect in the community of young business owners.

Michel expertise is in the entertainments and music market and gives 'out of the box' inspiration and ideas that make EXCLUSS the exclusive company its known as.


Music and Video Promotions and SEO London UK
Music and Video Promotions and SEO London UK
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