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This year has been a rocky ride for tourism in Kenya. The year started fantastic with tremendous increases of visitors from the Far East and even a Russian tour operator, Pegas Touristik launched weekly direct flights from Moscow to Kenya.

The U.S. embassy advised against travel to Mombassa after an isolated attack in Mombassa. This spells an unfortunate "economic sabotage" in a city reliant upon tourism. Kenya tourism had only just recovered from the kidnapping on the Somali border and grenades in Nairobi earlier this year. The Somali militant group al-Shabab has vowed to stage terrorist attacks on Kenyan territory.

However, there is an upsides for tourists. Firstly consider this. The attacks in Kenya have been very amateurish with no sophistication and can hardly cause more danger than mosquitoes for tourists. Unless you go on Safari along the Somali border, which would be foolish anyway.

As destinations go these days, spending endless days of relaxing on beautiful beaches or exploring the greatest experience of a lifetime on Safari in Kenya is a pretty safe holiday. Add the fact that flights, holidays and hotels are going to be a lot cheaper and the marvelous exchange rate, Kenya can be very affordable and a lot more attractive in cost to other destinations.

2011 Tourism Figures for Kenya
The total number of inbound travelers to Kenya in 2011 reached 1,265,136, an impressive 15.4% increase from 2010. Additionally, Kenya received 520,246 cross-border arrivals over the same period. By the close of 2011, more than 87% of source markets recovered fully and surpassed 2010 levels. This number also surpassed the predicted 1.2 million visitors to the country. Top 5 Tourist Arrivals to Kenya 2011: 1. The United Kingdom: 203,290 2. United States: 119,615 3. Italy: 96,360 4. Germany: 68,737 5. India: 58,986 Estimated tourism receipts in 2011 closed at Kshs 97.9 Billion (USD approximately $1.2 Billion). This showed a significant increase of 32.9% compared to the Kshs 73.7 Billion from 2010 (USD approximately $890 Million). Leisure travel was the main purpose for travel into Kenya in 2011, registering 71.3% of all arrivals. The majority of US travelers, 67%, reported leisure as their main purpose for travel to Kenya in 2011, while an additional 15% traveled to visit friends and relatives.
Top three arrivals for business were South Africa, UK and the US.

2010 Tourism Figures
UK (113,747)16%, US (75,000)10%, Italy (54,885)7.8%, Germany (37,185)5.3%, France (33,801)4.8%, Uganda (19,800)2.8%, Netherlands (20,150)2.9%, Tanzania (19,683)2.8%, South Africa (20,140)3.0%, India (23,648)4.5%, Canada (17,708)2.4%, China (11,751)2.8%, Australia (9,681)1.6%, Switzerland (13,440)1.4%, Spain (10,643)1.4%, UAE (5,608)1.2%, Sweden (6,564)1.1%, Belgium (9,055)1.2%, Japan (9,118)1.0%, Denmark (6,638)0.9%, Norway (5,278)0.8%, Austria (7,932)0.7%, Poland (2,923)0.8%, Finland (1,868)0.3%, Russia (1,950)0.4%, Czech Republic (2,894)0.4%, Hungary (2,211)0.2%, Brazil (1,119)0.1%, Mexico (727)0.1%

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