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Looking to invest over a longer period with a stable tax free income return?

At Excluss we manage funds for a select few private investors ranging from 10k to 100k with an average return in excess of 12%. TAX FREE.

With many years of trading experience, our team manages individual clients accounts across a broad spectrum of investments.
Each client portfolio has a balanced investment in selected Indices, Commodities and Forex dependant upon market stability.
For example a 20k account is split into four equity lots of 5k. One lot will be main Indices trading equity (US30, FTSE, DAX etc). Another lot would be traded across various commodities (corn, metals, oil etc). Another is equity for Forex trading while the last lot is used as 'hedging' and longer term investments (One year+)

Exposure to Cryto Currencies are limited as not considered a safe longer term investment. However, due to its volatility, we do sometimes trade it on an daily time frame dependant on safe opportunities.

Successful trading is all about three vital rules.
1. Profit and loss management.
2. Control of natural emotions.
3. Accurate combination of technical's.
Failure to follow these three strict rules will without doubt put you in the 75% of traders that fail and loose everything.

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There is obviously a great deal more to trading and making a consistent high return. For those interested in learning more about trading, we shall be shortly adding a free course covering all the basics needed to be successful.

We normally accept members from recommendation only, however as a non member you can contact our investment division directly from our sister site Exclusive Travel.

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