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The Exclusive Ladies Pepper Spray


Internet promotion by Excluss: Excluss specialises in promoting travel and music on the Internet with offices in London and Kenya. The London office deals with primarily music and video promotion and all in house designs, hosting and site development. The Kenya office is our main travel promotions base dealing with not only promoting travel in Kenya, but other African countries.

Self Defense Capsicum Pepper Sprays from Excluss
The Excluss Ladies Lipstick Pepper Spray is manufactured by Excluss in India. Exported to Africa by Excluss to help women feel more secure and free from violence, rape or attack from humans or animals. Perfect for women as self defense and looks just like a lipstick for your handbag/purse. Containing natural capsicum pepper powder, the Excluss Pepper Spray is a perfect solution.

Lipstick sized pepper spray
Capsicum pepper spray
Excluss pepper spray
Pepper spray ladies lipstick
pepper spray for defense against wild animals

Lipstick Capsicum Pepper Spray Movies:

Excluss specialises in promoting travel and music via Internet promotion. Based in London and Kenya, in London we promote music and music videos plus manage our server hosting world wide. We also do in house site development with a strong team of promotion experts. In Kenya along with promoting up and coming music artists, we promote travel in Kenya and surrounding African neighbours.

travel promotions in Africa
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