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Microphones from Excluss
A good microphone is critical to your sound & we have a huge range of microphones for every need. Vocal mics, instrument mics, wireless radio microphones from major mic manufacturers like Shure, Peavey, Stage Line & Gemini. Lighting
strobe lighting from excluss
Lights & effects units for bands, DJ's, stages, theatres and music venues. From stand-alone sound activated lights to professional DMX lighting systems & special effects, our range of stage lighting will put you in the spotlight.
Guitars from Excluss
Wide range of Guitars (Acoustic, Electric, Semi-Acoustic, Electro-Acoustic, Bass, Resonator Etc.). Left Handed Guitars, Guitar Amps, Effects Pedals and more including Fender, Dean, Luna, Vintage, Yamaha, Peavey & Jackson. Amps & PA
Power audio amplifiers from Excluss
Sound equipment from powerful music PA rigs for bands, DJs and music venues to low cost portable amp systems. Our amplifier packages are carefully chosen to provide high sound quality & reliability for all music requirements
Cables & Leads
Cables and leads for musicians from Excluss
Microphone cables, speaker leads and any audio instrument cables, are crucial to the sound of your band PA, DJ disco or music venue. A high quality cable will ensure that the audio signal is as near perfect as it can be. Mixers
Audio and line mixers from Excluss
From stand alone passive non-powered mixers feeding into a separate power amplifier, to active powered mixers with built in amp. Mixers for everything scratch DJ's, mobile DJ's, karaoke DJ's, studios, disco venues and stage.
Speakers and cabs from Excluss
PA speakers, disco speakers, powered speakers, non-powered speakers, monitor speakers, plus replacement speaker drivers, speaker horns & speaker tweeters. Huge range of speakers from Excluss.  


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