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Music and Video Promotions UK Eduardo C-Vanci
by Excluss Consultancy

Music and Video Promotions UK

Eduardo had electronics and music in his veins from an early age. Building transistor radios and taking televisions apart by nine.

By twelve he was singing in choirs and everywhere he could including the bath! By the time that 'big lump' grew in his throat and the voice went way down down, the singing turned to modern Country & Western. All through his teens, Eduardo sang at events, and clubs throughout the UK, even cutting a couple of records. But electronics had always been an all consuming quest and he continued to push the boundary's of science and achieve new levels of understanding in micro electronics.

At 18 he became a Quality Controller for the Ever Ready energy company in Heybridge. At just 20 he was appointed a Technical Director of an electronics manufacturing company.

In between science studies through the 60's & 70's Eduardo worked as a consultant on cutting edge engineering projects in the UK, Middle East, Africa, Italy, Portugal, Morocco and others. Including the revolutionary pioneering of 'small scale integration' (SSI) and 'piggy backing' logic which led to today's tiny micro-processor size being possible.

By the 80's Eduardo had become one of the worlds top micro electronic trouble shooter's and respected for his scientific achievements.

Eduardo continued his science achievements opening electronics laboratories in Portugal and Morocco in the early 90's. He developed new concepts in solar and alternative energy and won International recognition at the WIF (World Inventions Fair) for his pioneering work in micro-electronics and solar energy in Morocco and other countries.
Unfortunately, that all changed after a serious road accident in the late 90'sleft him disabled. Unable to continue his career, he looked to the Internet as after all he understood the science, formulae and electronics of it better than most. Marketing had always been of great interest and back in the 80's Eduardo won acclaim from Brussels for designing the worlds first internet connected Euro database that handled billions of euros in business each month. Around the same time he pioneered 'online' database management and analysis which today is at the very core of all internet promotion and e-commerce world wide.
Eduardo soon discovered that applying his uniquely different scientific approach to promotion on the Internet produced absolutely amazing results, especially with search engines and pursued ten years of experimental study and analysis, assisted by his son Leonardo and PA's. Some years ago he coined a phrase "if your in business and not in Google - you don't exist". "I see commerce on the Internet like a subway exit onto Oxford Street. Zillions of shoppers pour out of it avery day, scrambling and rushing to buy their needs before disappearing back down the same subway. The nearer your shop is to that subway, the more customers you will catch. On some back road off a back street off another road, you will never be found and will starve."   Eduardo has published many articles on the internet and was considered the backroom guru in SEO. So it was that the new Excluss site was built

Eduardo now facilitates his son Leonardo in the running of the Excluss site which has now expanding to embrace alternative energy solutions in a multitude of areas and Leonardo sees no limit in a world desperate to achieve cleaner, cheaper energy. In 2013 he assisted Leonardo to carry out the first appraisable of introducing new technology wind powered 'MagLev' systems into the Caribbean along with a range of super energy efficient cooling systems that can also be used on solar. Based in Jamaica, the new Excluss branch will offer consultancy on the use of solar and wind alternatives to an expensive and unreliable grid network. "In sunny or windy countries it seems ridiculous to use a network of costly cables on thousands of poles to supply energy from one central point. When every single inch is saturated with free energy virtually 24/7 from the sun and wind." "Over the next few years we are going to see a dramatic change in both solar and wind energy technology and peoples education of it. In countries like Jamaica, I see a future where every house, farm, warehouse or office uses cheap energy in cooperation with the localised grid, I see one using hybrid solar/wind power stations supplying communities and towns all interlinked to the grid system. Instead of polluting vehicles I see electric ones powered by solar charging stations at every petrol station and hydro powered buses " It may take time to reach Jamaica and countries like it - but its coming!
Meanwhile, Excluss is increasing its Internet Promotion and Marketing consultancy services in Jamaica headed up by Leonardo, where there is much demand for professional help in assisting local firms and organisations create an Internet presence.

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Music and Video Promotions UK
Music and Video Promotions UK
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