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Music and Video Promotions UK

Excluss Promotions proudly presents Darnell Swallow, now part of the Excluss music and video team.
On the 5th June, 2008, Darnell Swallow walked
through the doors of a house that would change his life forever. The Big Brother phenomenon plucked Darnell from a life of obscurity and introduced the gifted singer/songwriter to the world. For three months, the nation watched as Darnell fought his inner battles and won the hearts of thousands. His time on Big Brother came to its inevitable end.

Darnell the artist, his journey has just begun. Darnell is a Hip Hop and R&B hit-maker through and through with influences stemming from both his American upbringing and British roots. His unstoppable drive and undeniable talent will undoubtedly deliver some of the most progressive and exciting material to come out of British urban music for years to come. The nation awaits the critical debut of the UK’s most important new artist. Now part of the Excluss music and video promotion team, Darnell has found his music niche.

Darnell Swallow music and videos


Music and Video Promotions UK
Music and Video Promotions UK
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